Many of us seek that extra certain something to make an important event or occasion even more memorable. Often, an experience wins over the material; the personal outshines the commonplace.

My bespoke well-wishings are original pieces of writing, often kept as a surprise, created by collecting different loved one’s viewpoints on the same subject: maybe a couple getting married, an anniversary or a significant birthday. Having asked my clients to nominate a select group from family/friends, I get in touch and ask some simple questions, their answers kept secret until the big reveal. The final piece may include description, advice perhaps and always plenty of good wishes, but I don’t name specific contributors in the mix. Each of my well-wishings is wholly unique and it’s a wonderful way to pause, reflect, laugh and even shed a happy tear. You can see what I mean by reading my testimonials.

Whether featuring at the end of a ceremony, mid wedding reception or given as a gift to mark a loved one’s birthday or couple’s wedding anniversary in style, a Your Three Days well-wishing is as rewarding and remarkable as it is versatile. In fact, they can be adapted to almost any occasion.