Whilst it is always an honour to be asked, many people soon feel the pressure when preparing a speech or toast for a once in a lifetime event. It certainly helps if you have something to say that you are passionate about, that feels authentic and speaks to who you really are. If you’re planning to give a speech at your own wedding, or that of a loved one, or at any personal event for that matter, this is a winning formula.

It sounds simple doesn’t it? It isn’t, it means something different in every case, but getting it absolutely right with a Your Three Days toast or speech is a fascinating, enjoyable and rewarding process. In fact it’s one that so many of my clients have said in their testimonials that they fall in love with along the way.

Whether you are a bride or groom, trying to capture all you feel; a happy couple wishing to say something authentic, original and meaningful to one another on your big day or a parent looking to welcome your new daughter/son-in-law on behalf of your whole family with a few poignant and well-chosen words - together we can make the creative process a treat and the end result a triumph.