I’ve designed, written and led 250+ Your Three Days ceremonies now and for the widest range of clients you can imagine, but they’ve all had one vital thing in common: they’ve all truly captured the essence of who they are for. One of the best ways to do that in any ceremony, whether a wedding, partnership ceremony, renewal of vows or a celebration for a child, is to do the couple, child or family’s story justice.

It sounds simple doesn’t it? It isn’t, it means something different in every case, but getting it absolutely right is a fascinating, enjoyable and rewarding process. In fact it’s one that so many of my clients have said in their testimonials that they fall in love with along the way.

If you would like the story of your love, child or family life together created for a ceremony or event you have planned, I can help. Working with you, I would gather everything I needed to tell your story, your way: who you are, what your lives are like and what is most important to you.

The resulting text would act as a unique and fitting tribute for now, for all the years ahead, forever. There’s nothing better on such a life defining day.